Dependent society.

Have you guys ever thought what it would be like without emerging media, or any technology at all? It might be a little easier for your grandparents to imagine than us, but go ahead and try.

How would you wake up in the morning? How would you communicate with your dear from college that now lives on the other side of the States? What would you do to kill time? How would you or your kids do homework?

This is just something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I’ve noticed  that our society is completely dependent on emerging media and other technology used for communication. I know that our species has an innate need for communication and connection. But does it have to be 24/7? Why do we constantly have to check our phones through dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in years? Why do we spend so much time on Facebook, even though we try not to. I plan on doing some research on this through the week. I’ll update with another post on my findings.

In today’s day and age…


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  1. Lynn says:

    Seen as how I grew up without technology (computers or otherwise), this scene is not hard to imagine. My husband spent months of time away from myself and our children while out to sea when he was in the Navy. We had no face to face time via a computer, however we wrote each other letters everyday. It would generally take about four weeks for each letter to arrive so by the time I was reading his letter, it was already a month later! I guess todays generation would have a really hard time coping with something like this. It never failed that when the ship left dock for WESTPAC, something in our home ALWAYS broke down, be it a lawnmower, the kids bicycle, or the car. I would really like to know how todays generation would deal with all of a sudden being away from their spouse with no communication, having young children to take care of, very little money, and necessary household items breaking down. The other key here is the time apart from our spouse was a minimum of six months.

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