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It has become apparent that no company is safe from hackers. Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr found that out the hard way just recently. The three companies were were “hacked” by someone who had access to important information, such as email … Continue reading


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We need a new fix.

Let’s just start this off the right way. Right. In. Your. Face. Results of a new study confirm what you’ve claimed for years: checking mail and social media is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. No joke guys. You can … Continue reading

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We’re in Apple’s world now.

Still working on the research for the post regarding our media dependency. But speaking of media dependency… Check this out. This picture is one of the handful of pictures found today on Mashable. Apple is considering a few different concepts.. … Continue reading

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Dependent society.

Have you guys ever thought what it would be like without emerging media, or any technology at all? It might be a little easier for your grandparents to imagine than us, but go ahead and try. How would you wake … Continue reading

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